Unity and You

Unity teaches that God’s love and power are present everywhere, dwelling within us and all around us. We live, move and have our being within God, which means that divine love, wisdom and guidance are available to all people to sustain us in any situation. We believe that humans co-create with God through the power of their thoughts and words.

Unity is an extremely positive approach to life, seeking to accept the good of people and all of life. Unity emphasizes that God is not a physical being in the sky, for that is a limited belief; rather, God is SPIRIT, everywhere present, the one and only Spirit behind, in, and through all things, visible and invisible.

We are all spiritual beings in a shared adventure of human experience. Through ignorance of our spiritual essence, we may create a sense of lack, limitation and separation from each other – and from God. In truth, however, we are one – one with each other and with all of life, because all of life is an integral part of the energy that is God.

Unity denies the existence of any power or presence opposed to God.  That which we call “evil” is not a separate power; it arises from our ignorance of God’s Presence and how that Presence is meant to express in our lives.We acknowledge that there are evil appearances and suffering in the world, but ascribe these to the erroneous use of God’s laws of life.

Unity and Jesus

UNITY proclaims the divinity of Jesus, but goes further and assures that you, too, are a child of God and, therefore, divine in nature. We see Jesus as a master teacher of universal truths and our way shower. Jesus was not the exception, he was the example.

We believe that Jesus expressed his divine potential and sought to show humankind how to express ours as well. He called us to follow His example, to recognize the same spiritual power within ourselves that He was able to express in His life. “What I have done you will do,” He tells his followers in the Gospel of John, “and greater things than these will you do, because I go to the Father.”

We recognize Jesus as a perfect demonstration of our own potential. Jesus used his life to show what we can achieve in terms of healing, abundance, love and peace. Achieving our full spiritual expression, the state of being that Jesus called “the kingdom of heaven,” is the primary purpose of life.

Unity and the Bible

Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore was widely known for his Bible scholarship, and the Bible continues to serve as a basic Unity text, even as we appreciate and draw strength from other scriptures as well. We honor it as a history of the Hebrew people, including the stories, myths, songs and sayings that defined their culture and beliefs. We recognize it on a second level as a great textbook, offering practical life lessons that help people to survive and grow in their human experience.

And at its deepest level, we recognize the Bible metaphysically as the story of each person’s great journey through fear and ignorance to understanding, love and a full expression of our spiritual nature. The word “metaphysical” dates to Aristotle in about 500 BC as he described a power that operated beyond the physical senses. It literally means “above the physical.” The bible is a tool for teaching, a gift that we can use to more fully understand and learn about our own journey by studying the written journeys of those who have come before us.