Questions have arisen about the Abundant Life Recurring Giving Program participation requirement for this year’s Membership Recommitment. Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions to help clear up confusion.

1. Do I have to use a credit card to participate in Abundant Life?
No. You can arrange for regular cash, check, or electronic funds transfer donations. Contact Operations Manager Dan Ray to discuss what will work best for you.

2. Do I have to give a specific amount or percentage?
No. Please consider the Spiritual value Unity Chicago brings to your life and donate accordingly.

3. Why is Abundant Life required?
It is essential for Unity Chicago to be able to predict a monthly income. When members participate, this can be accomplished.

4. Doesn’t Unity Chicago receive financial support from Unity Worldwide Ministries?
No. In fact, Unity Chicago tithes 10% of our income to Unity Worldwide Ministries as well as other entities.

5. Unity just received $7.5 million for the sale of the property. Why do we need to regularly contribute? Are we not financially stable?
When we closed on the sale in April, after paying off two existing mortgages and incurring minimal closing costs, approximately $6.8 million was actualized from the sale. These proceeds are needed to fund the costs of acquiring and creating our new home, and are not to be used to fund operations expenses. Members need to increase their financial support to be able to make Unity Chicago financially viable for current and future generations.