The Unity Prayer Chaplains form a volunteer ministry consisting of individuals that have stepped up to a high level commitment to give of their greater self in holding the high watch for our community.

Chaplain Prayer Support
Prayer Chaplains are available to pray with you after the 10am service each Sunday. You may also call the church to request the prayer support of a Chaplain at any time.

Statement of Purpose
In prayer with community as Chaplains, we aspire to spark, heighten and hold awareness of the Divine inner light revealing Spirit’s love and joy for all.


Unity Prayer Chaplain’s Prayer for You
May you know
The pure joy of knowing Spirit unconditionally,
The awareness of and guidance from the still small voice within,
The wisdom and strength as a result of your choices,
And the loving presence of a helping hand, or a trusted listen­ing ear when needed.


Prayer Chaplain Ministry Members
We express our heartfelt gratitude to those who dedicate themselves to this sacred service.

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