Unity 2020 Committees News                                                                                 

Here are the latest updates from the March Committee Chairs Cabinet meeting.


Jeff Berry has joined the committee to take on the 2020 committees bulletin board updates project, and news from the committees is already being posted. Visit the board in the Friendship Room frequently to see what’s new, and thank Jeff when you see him.


Community Outreach

The winter collection campaign for the Night Ministry has been a great success! The goal for blankets has been reached, but donations of, or money for, hats, socks, T-shirts and underwear are still needed and welcome. Collections will continue throughout Lent, until April 14. For more information, see campaign chair Denise Forte at the table in the Friendship Room on Sunday.



  • The 2019 Budget has been approved by the Board, including a projected $87,000 net loss for the year. Further work being done by the committee to drill down on specifics and create a working budget.
  • Primal Roots Sustainable Farms fundraiser kicking off this month, offering organic meat products for purchase by the public with 10% of sales coming back to Unity Chicago.


Location Search  

  • Since committee co-chairs Terry Opalek and Gloria Wagner resigned their posts, Board liaisons James and John Scothorn worked with Terry and Gloria to transition search information, contacts, et al, so that search operations continue seamlessly. They also met with our broker to smooth the transition and ensure good agent service on behalf of Unity Chicago. Rev. James and John are working to identify committee members to step up to co-chairing roles.
  • Despite the transition, the committee has now reviewed over 80 properties, and toured several this month with potential as Unity’s new home. One in particular was considered quite promising, but the committee recently learned it is no longer a viable candidate, and so the search continues. Many levels of consideration go into property judgment. Apart from each property’s immediate physical dimensions – size, condition, projected cost to adequately repair/rehab to suit our current/future needs – there are myriad matters of parking adequacy, public transportation access, neighborhood/community potential, possible zoning problems and other alderman communication issues.
  • The pool of potential buildings is smaller than one would expect, though location suggestions continue to come our way from our broker and Unity congregants. All suggestions, recommendations and ideas are passed along to our broker for review and vetting. If you know of a property that ought to be considered, send your suggestion to Dan Ray at dan@unitychicago.org
  • Keep the Location Search Committee and the process itself in your prayers.  Together we affirm that the right and perfect new home is waiting to be discovered by Unity Chicago.



Committee focus is on expanding reach and awareness of Unity Chicago on social media and through events. Congregants are encouraged to:

  • Continue checking in on Social Media at Unity on Sundays.
  • Continue sharing Unity posts with your own network.
  • Submit event ideas for possible fundraisers.



  • The committee is seeking new members.
  • Fifteen new members were installed this month. New member interest continues to grow, thanks to Rev. James’ inspiring messages, the Welcome/Retention Committee’s good work, and Jeff Berry’s membership classes.
  • The committee is collaborating with the Outreach and Welcome/Retention committees on membership growth initiatives.


Spiritual Renewal

The committee is exploring development of a Book of Prayers containing prayers by congregants and the greater community; possibly in conjunction with an affirmative prayer writing workshop.



  • The congregant survey was launched and is underway, and you’re encouraged to share your thoughts by completing the survey.
  • Additional opportunities are being planned for congregant idea sharing through “live” dialogue events.



The committee is working hard to make new visitors feel welcome and eager to revisit Unity.

  • The “Meet The Rev” event for “new people” on March 10 was a great success.
  • If you see someone with a flower after the Sunday service, please greet them and make them welcome.
  • As always, continue to invite your friends and neighbors to Unity as your guest.