Unity 2020 Committees News                                                                                 


Updates from the April Committee Chairs Cabinet meeting:



The 2020 committees bulletin board has become a popular central location for ongoing committee news and updates. Visit the board in the Friendship Room frequently to keep up with what’s happening.


Community Outreach

  • The annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place this Sunday. Plans are already in the works for doing an expanded event next year when, in our new location, we can reach out to and involve the community as well.
  • Night Ministry Winter Drive has been successful; $1250 in cash donations to buy requested items in addition to the many item donations by requested category. Thanks to all who donated.
  • Committee is creating a Unity Award to be given during Pride Month (June) to a person or entity who promotes and exemplifies diversity, unity, visibility and pride in the LGBTQ+ community.



  • The Farm-to-Church Primal Roots kickoff exceeded its first month goal of $1000, reaching almost $1100. Next order will delivered May 2.
  • The 2019 budget development process has been completed.


Location Search  

  • James and John Scothorn are co-chairing, and keeping the broker engaged and more forthcoming with off-market and other creative options. Ten or more suggested properties have come from broker this month; two locations have been toured, and there are a couple of decent contenders.
  • Hope is to soon be able to make a recommendation on a property for board and then congregation vote. The number of north side properties that meet our needs —commercial/office properties with visibility—is very limited, plus residential developers are further limiting available properties for commercial use.
  • Waldorf School has been identified as a very viable interim location; hope is to be able to package an interim location with a forecasting permanent location.  A second potential interim location  has been found to be more affordable,  but its parking situation, to be blunt,  is “sucky.”
  • Aldermanic elections have also created more complications in the site discussions process. In the 48th ward, Harry Osterman has been supportive to our search efforts. In the 40th Ward, our influence/contact is now neutered without the continued relationship of previous Alderman Patrick O’Connor. The 49th ward also has new alderman but we already have some relationships within our board.
  • If you have questions beyond elbast updates and bulletin board communications, direct them to John or Rev. James. And  James invites all of us to “up” our prayer game.  Together we affirm that the right and perfect new home is waiting to be discovered by Unity Chicago.



Committee has been working hard to raise awareness about this Sunday’s Easter Service. This is the day to invite family, friends and neighbors alike to come and experience what Unity Chicago has to offer.



  • Work is proceeding collaboratively with the Outreach, Welcome/Retention committees on membership growth initiatives.
  • Planning is underway for the next New Member class schedule.


Spiritual Renewal

  • Affirmative Prayer Workshop, scheduled for May 1, will be an initial step in creating a prayer book with congregant contributions.
  • Spiritual study group based on Emilie Cady’s book How I Used Truth begins 4/17; study groups will continue monthly on the third Wednesday.



  • The congregant survey had nearly 100 congregants participate. Thank you all for your feedback. There will be more information in the coming weeks on the results.
  • In-home and other small group discussions about our Unity 2020 vision are underway, and the ideas have been flowing. These sessions will culminate in a potluck gathering on Wednesday, 4/24. All are welcome to attend, even if you were unable to participate in a small group session. Just bring a dish to share and your thoughts about our future.



The committee is working hard to make new visitors feel welcome and eager to revisit Unity.

  • A new Welcome brochure has been created, and will soon be published.
  • To further enhance the New Visitor welcome experience, the committee is now giving visitors vouchers good for coffee/tea and goodies from the Pet Ministry table. Cost of the vouchers is being subsidized by a board member.
  • As always, continue to invite your friends and neighbors to Unity as your guest.