Wednesday, June 26th at 6:00 – 8:30pm

We’ll share a delicious meal and work together to create a Vision Board that beautifully and artistically represents Unity Chicago’s bright future! Organized by the Vision Committee, Spaghetti Dinner to benefit the Youth Group.

Look through magazines, catalogs and other printed material from a variety of sources.

Drop off individual images to the large table in the back of the Library at Unity Chicago.

Search for images online and provide links to the VISION TEAM

Here are some search tips:

  • Search for terms that describe your vision like: Community. Loving. Youth. Families. Peace.
  • Add words that reflect your values like: Multi-Cultural. Joyful. Serving. Inclusive.
  • When searching with Google you will see a list of options to narrow your search under the search box – after first search your words. One of these is “Images”. By choosing images you will see only images from a variety of sources.
  • To send links click on the image to go to the site where this image is located.

Simple way to create a link:

  • Press and hold “control” button (ctrl) and click your mouse or click bar.
  • This will bring up a drop-down menu.
  • From that menu you can select: “copy link location”.
  • Open a new email.
  • Paste the link in the body of an email.
  • You may paste multiple links in a single email – please separate links with a blank line.

Feel free to email us to ask questions and we will do our best to help you!