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 The topics I plan for the remainder of 2017 are:

8/2 17   HeartMath: A Way to Deal with Stress Men Face Today, led by guest facilitator, Norm Zuefle, licensed HeartMath Coach/Mentor since 2007.

 9/6/17  Men Playing and Expressing Boy Joy (Guided meditation on connecting with Inner Boy, Jungian Lover Energy information, and commitments to play)

10/4/17  Expressing our Male Warrior Energy Positively (Jungian Warrior Energy information and showing the sword exercise)

11/1/17  Listening to Our Inner Male Wisdom (Jungian Archetypal Magician information and guided meditative conversation with inner magician)

12/6/17  Expressing Our Male Leadership and Mentorship (Jungian Archetypal King Energy information and Expressing our King exercise)