5 Thursdays, July 19 – Aug 16
7-9 pm

The most important consideration for becoming a member of Unity in Chicago is a desire to join on this path of spiritual growth.

We believe there are many paths to God, so as a member of Unity in Chicago, you are wholly free to live your life according to the inspiration of the Spirit of Truth within you. Membership affirms your commitment to your individual spiritual growth and to your spiritual community. We gain strength from unity— from the power of coming together into collective Christ consciousness and, together, seeking the flow and wisdom of the universe. Membership marks your dedication to sharing that consciousness of love, and to serving as a channel through which God’s blessings can flow to you and through you to your loved ones, community and world.

Membership is not required … It is simply a way of affirming that Unity in Chicago is truly your spiritual home.

Our commitment as a ministry is to help support, inspire and lift you into living a more fulfilling, Spirit-centered life, and to help your light shine brightly in this world.

facilitated by Jeff Berry