• Do you want deeper relationships?

  • Are you looking for amazing relationships?

  • Do you feel deep loving relationships have passed you by?

  • Do you want to find out more about love and how to manifest more of it in your life?

Join Agnes Loughlin in this monthly class for support in connecting with your inner power to have more joy, love, and the feeling of radiance that life offers. Release the baggage of your past to love your life and attract deep, loving relationships.

Using your muscles, we can find what events or emotions “weaken” or “strengthen” your body. This process is called applied kinesiology, but often referred to as “muscle testing.” It’s simply a really cool way we can ask your body questions and get clear answers – like a telephone to the subconscious mind.  Your subconscious mind has stored everyting that has ever affected you including  stored beliefs from your lifetime, your ancestors lifetimes, emotional  issues, miasms, and many more.  Discovering what you are storing can help you get more awarenesss and then be open to releasing what no longer serves you!

Agnes Loughlin – Miracles in Wellness – Certified Theta Healing Practitioner, Beleifs and Emotional Healing, Yuen Chinese Energetics
Agnesloughlin@comcast.net or 773.791.9590

First Wednesday of every month  $10