Church-wide retreat with Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett
author of Divine Audacity

Friday night: Bonfire and s’mores.
6:30 – 9pm

Saturday: Retreat
10am – 4pm
Divine Audacity: Embody Your True Self

We will dive deep into life’s perpetual pull on us to know our divinity and to shine in our most natural, rightful way. Come uncover your deepest desires and bring them out into the light shining on the road ahead. What is happening within you now? What wants to leap out from the shadows into bold expression? What would you do if you were to know yourself as divinely audacious? How can you cultivate a most-alive kind of living? What could it mean for you to live into your powers of Presence, Oneness, Tenacity, and Audacity?

Sunday: Celebration Service
Divine Audacity of Order 

The 1990’s Christian evangelical imperative was “WWJD”?  What would Jesus do?  Following Jesus is a monumental assignment.  Being the light of the world?  Preposterous.  Mission impossible.  Or is it?  Linda de-mystifies Jesus’ great declaration, “You are the light of the world,” by revealing the power behind Divine Order, one of our innate spiritual abilities.  Audaciously, Linda shows how it is possible for everyone to do what Jesus did.

Please note the Rev. Linda will be signing books following the 10:30am service.

1 pm
Community Empowerment Hour

Post-service empowerment hour reflecting on your inspiration with Rev. Linda. We will be talking about your indwelling wellness. (If you plan to stay for that, you may want to bring your lunch.)

Please Let Us Know You’ll be Attending