Sunday, February 25
1:15pm – 2:30pm

Wellness is a state of mind: Yes, and what you do supports your state of mind or not. If you think “I’ll be well” But you don’t eat well, don’t take time for yourself or use toxic products on your body you become a powerful magnet for an unhealthy life experience. Learn to uplevel your choices to feel as good as you can, inside and out.

But you can change this. Because research shows 80% of health is based on lifestyle.

Join me and discover:

  • How To start to make simple changes in your eating, to start to drop the cravings.
  • How essential oils/Aromatherapy can support your improved health, like breathing, digestion, peace of mind…
  • Learn a simple technique for deepening your inner calm.

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[box]Claudia Braun is a lifestyle and weight loss coach for professional women, who’re ready to say yes to themselves. She coaches individuals, and groups to live a more balanced and conscious life. She’s passionate about speaking and educating women on the power of prioritizing themselves to play a bigger game.

Claudia incorporates, a mind, body, spirit approach in her practice. She draws from many modalities. Including her nutritional training, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), her background as a yoga instructor, aromatherapy and what she’s learned from working with clients and moving through her challenges with eating and life balance. She works in person and virtually.
Her practice includes; one to one, group coaching programs, speaking and healthy living workshops and retreats. [/box]