Current Astrology Energies of 2017

New Moon News!

with astrologer, Therese Murphy


On the afternoon of the new Moon in Leo on Sunday 7/23, astrologer, Therese Murphy, will present her third installment in her 2017 series, discussing the major planetary energies expressing throughout the Summer and the remainder of 2017 — including The Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 8/21/17!  The Total Eclipse of 2017 is the first Total Solar eclipse since 1918 to be visible from the West Coast to the East coast of the United States and astrologers everywhere are buzzing about its profound implications.  All of the energies and themes Therese presents relate to ALL horoscope signs of the Zodiac — anyone may attend to benefit from the information. 

Astrology is a fascinating and powerful language that speaks of our personal and collective connections with the creative intelligence of the cosmos.  Therese’s discussion of the current astrology energies will increase your awareness of the major themes and patterns expressing and help you align and flow with the energies of the Now.   Therese’s engaging astrological discussions are informative, affirming, enlightening and inspiring.  You won’t want to miss it!” 

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