Saturday, March 10  2018
7:30 pm



Witness the manifestation of Ben Hollis’s abundant creative vision – fueled by never-ending prosperity classes plus mega doses of Light, Love and Laughter.

 It’s Ben Hollis’s pre-Wild Chicago backstory… on stage, in person, in song and story!

22 months after brain surgery Ben poses a question: Is 63 too old to become the person you were meant to be? Come, and find out, as the eight-time Emmy-winner (Wild Chicago, WTTW) and local TV legend makes his case in this high-energy musical revelation of personal comedy and original songs.

“How The Beatles…” tells the story of how this chubby Chicago kid obsessed with “being adored” confronts his ridiculously self-centered desires — and overcomes them. You’ll find it irresistible as you reflect on your own journey, as Ben humorously – and poignantly – takes you on a wild adventure through the 60s, 70s and 80s.  Plenty of Top 40 Hit earworms sweeten the mix as well.

Written and Performed by Ben Hollis
Directed by Paul Quinn
Musical support by John Siegle
Suggested Love Offering: $20

Ben rocked the house with his stirring musical portrait…” says Jamie O’Reilly, Chicago music luminary and early workshop attendee. “The big reveal is a sweet and simple surrender to happiness …Song-by-song, story-by-story, we’re with him all the way.







See Ben Hollis’s Solo Show from Ben Hollis on Vimeo.