Meet Our Staff

Rev. Heidi Alfrey

Senior Minister
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We are delighted to welcome Rev. Heidi Alfrey to Unity in Chicago as our new Senior Minister!

Heidi is an ordained Unity minister and holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She combines her life experience and innate ability to “hear what is not being said” as she guides many in peeling off the layers of the false self.

Heidi’s weekly Unity online radio program (, Let’s Get Naked: Revealing Our Authentic Selves, features revealing interviews with people who have chosen to live in bold authenticity. These inspiring conversations expose the power of living nakedly, the spiritual responsibility to be yourself, no matter what.

Tammy Bridges

Worship Coordinator
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If you’ve come looking for a traditional church (and your typical worship coordinator)… well, you’ve come to the wrong place. I am NOT that kind of Church Lady! I hope my colorful personality comes through in the service materials (Powerpoint, bulletin, flyers) as well as my interactions with those I serve. I love Grumpy Cat, a good spreadsheet, and speaking Spanish whenever possible. #ComeToTheVortex

Rolinda Stevenson

Sacred Service Coordinator

Lyn Williams

Youth Program Coordinator
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I almost can’t remember a time when being with, teaching and learning from children wasn’t part of my life.  We took in foster kids as I was growing up, and my sister and I always felt we were part of a large family…a “coming and going” large family!

Have done loads of volunteer work over the years.  Found Unity 7 years ago when I moved back to Chicago.  I am so very excited to be a contribution to this wondrous place.  As a mom and grandmom, I know how precious our kids are.  My goal is that they feel this every time they walk in the door here and are enfolded with safety and love.

Peter Polzak

Music Director

I have been a full-time professional musician here in Chicago for over 30 years. In the relatively short time I’ve been here, since March 2007, I have met and worked with an extraordinary staff and I feel like I’ve found a new home. I just love it here!

I look forward to expressing my passion for music and humanity in new forms, and to continually bringing in top-level talent to entertain and inspire all who attend. What a beautiful place to be!

Dan Paterno

Media & Communications Coordinator
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Dan’s been a creative for as long as he can remember. Starting in grammar school and extending throughout college, he’s always been drawing or designing something in a variety of mediums — paper, canvas, flowers, digital art, hair. These days, whether he’s in FRONT of a computer monitor or in BACK of a styling chair, he’s always helping his clients present the best image possible. Currently, he’s thrilled to be able to add his variety of talents and experience to the collaborative marketing efforts of Unity Chicago.